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Add Storefront Glass for an Attractive and Inviting Look

Turn your business into a gleaming example of modern style with storefront glass in Union City, NJ. At Mora Enterprises LLC, we use premium quality glass to help you create beautiful building facades, entrances, lobbies, and more. We also provide glass door repair that restores faulty equipment. Reach out to us to discuss glass options for your structure.



An aluminum and glass storefront for your commercial location can make it more attractive to customers. We offer different storefront types in a range of colors that allow you to give your building a distinctive look. Available options include 3x7 feet for a single door or 6x7 feet for double doors with varying window sizes. The cost will vary for each storefront.

Glass Railing


You get a clean and modern look when you request the installation of glass railings. We provide semi-frameless styles for staircases and balconies, and we use thick glass of at least half-inch to ensure the safety of the railings. Options include aluminum handrails.

Door Repair


To replace a door closer, you may need to repair the entire door or just the glass in the door. We will fix both single and double doors. There is a minimum $250 service fee, but each job is different, so there may be additional charges.

Frameless Shower


A frameless shower will make your bathroom modern and functional. We offer complete installation that includes the glass and hardware for standard size showers of 5 feet. In addition to family homes, we install frameless showers in apartment complexes. Your price quote includes materials and installation.

Glass Partition


Give your employees a workspace that offers style and privacy with glass office partitions. We offer aluminum-framed dividers in 1/4, 3/8, and .5-inch thick glass that helps bring more light into a room. Prices vary depending on size and glass thickness.



Provide your employees with a safe and comfortable place to do business by installing a kiosk. We construct booths that feature 2-inch-by-4-inch-thick aluminum and safety glass. Four feet by 5 feet is standard kiosk size and ideal for use as security or gas station booths, but you can also use them outside as standalone structures. Kiosk prices vary depending on the scale.

Curtain Wall


The insulated glass used in an aluminum curtain wall system makes it airtight, which is ideal for climate control or water control. Because of the lightweight materials used in them, you commonly see curtain walls in high rises, schools, and commercial buildings.

Herculite Door


Classic, modern, and stylish are just some of the words people will use to describe your building when you invest in Herculite doors. These frameless doors come with half-inch tempered glass, so they are ideal for banks, offices, and a host of other commercial structures. In addition to enhancing your building's look, Herculite doors increase its value.